morgan, 18, i like parks & rec, 30 rock and benedict cumberbatch's face +/

Kat Dennings for Zink Magazine

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Gardens and
Eggs i like, probably

"but they are sTEALING YOUR JOBS!!!!!! wE joined the EU (more like the ‘ewww’ hHahAa) in 2004 aND SO MANY JOBS HAVE GONE!!!!!!! jUST GOEN!!! StOOLEN!!! NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN!!!!!!!"
but the recession happened and unemployment in Britain is going down???
"STOLE.N JOBS!!! PESKY IMMIGRANTS!!!! lOok at those EU fat cats spending millions of your moneY?!!!!"
yes but you spent £2mil last year on your own expenses taken from the EU and you employ both your wife and your ex mistress on that money
*insert a mildly racist/misogynistic joke here*

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Amy Poehler talks about Tina Fey.

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yep and yep
i really don’t like where this whole thing is going
he literally just bullshits and gets away with it and it makes me rly angry because no one else gets away with it but him and he’s the biggest douche nozzle ever

nigel farage is a shady as fuck dude
and he knows next to nothing


we need to cover more ground

[puts several blankets on the ground]

there. better. now none of the ground will get cold